About Us  公司简介
       北京乐维创信医药科技有限公司C&R LEWEI JV是由韩国 C&R Research Inc. 与北京乐维生物技术有限公司共同成立的一家源于海外,服务中国的合资CRO公司。



  北京乐维创信医药科技有限公司(C&R LEWEI JV)将与全球制药企业精英同心协力,为人类的健康事业做出卓越贡献。


  C&R-LEWEI JV is a joint venture CRO company that consists of C&R Research Inc in Korea and LEWEI Bio& Tech.co.Ltd in China. C&R-LEWEI JV is founded overseas and provides services in China.

  C&R Research Inc in Koreahas served for over 150 pharmaceutical companies, participated in over 600 clinical trials around the worldin the past twenty years, while LEWEI Bio& Tech.co.Ltd has many long-lasting clients, and excellent experiences in drugregistration in China. This joint company will providestandardized and highly efficient supportfor pharmaceutical research in Asia Pacific Region.

As a professional clinical outsourcing service organization,our goal is to gather global intelligence and help our customers soar. We will provide services based on customer demands, with the highest cost-effective,full-service through division of labor and resources integration.

C&R LEWEI JV will collaborate with the global pharmaceutical industry elites and make outstanding contribution to the human health.

We look forward to working with you !